Past Courses (Berkeley)

2018     Instructor, Buildings and Sustainability (CE 268s)

Graduate elective focused on life cycle sustainability (environmental, social, and financial) of buildings.

Past Courses (Stanford)

2015-18     Co-instructor, Understanding Energy (CEE 107a/207a; formerly “Energy Resources”)

Mixed graduate and undergraduate resource-based introductory, combined lecture-, discussion-, and field-based energy course; mandatory or qualifying elective for students in certain graduate and undergraduate programs, and qualifying undergraduate elective for the Social Inquiry general education requirement

2014-17     Instructor, Energy Resources: Fuels & Tools (CEE 107s/207s)

Mixed graduate and undergraduate life cycle-based introductory, combined lecture- and discussion-based energy course; elective, and qualifying toward the Stanford Environmental and Water Studies certificate

2017          Instructor, E-IPER PhD Writing Seminar (Envres 340)

PhD-level core writing seminar, focused on interdisciplinary academic writing; mandatory for second-year Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources (E-IPER) PhD students

2016          Co-instructor, Water Resources: Culture and Context (Envres 276/Amstud 276)

Graduate-level seminar on socioenvironmental aspects of California’s water systems, designed in conjunction with an art museum exhibit

2015          Instructor, The Practice of Mining and Its Social & Environmental Context (Envres 275)

Graduate-level seminar on mining, focused on how and why we mine and how mining draws from and affects society and the environment